straight faced lies

i am enjoying the cold weather for one reason, and one reason only: i get to layer. it makes me more boxy, and have less curves, and appear more boyish. other than that, it totally blows. mainly due to the fact that it makes everyone slow down a few beats. people around me seem to trudge through each moment as though they are polar bears swimming through spinach. (just had that image in my head).
my weekend was.............dismal. i went home. which usually isn't great, and was particularly bad. i was shocked to be referred to as 'she' or 'her.' mainly because i don't feel like that at all. i think i'm made massive strides in my mental and emotional transition.
in other news, i've been listening to some pretty killa tuneage lately. i'm trying out some jurassic 5, which is far from sucking. as well as matthew dear, which is higher on the sucking scale.
i'm looking at new majors at school. it's about time i find one. right now, i'm pretty set on electronic production and design. my school's website says this about the major:
The student majoring in Electronic Production and Design will master the musical and creative use of electronic production and sound design tools and technologies. Working in professional-level 5.1-equipped studios, classroom/labs, and performance spaces, students will study electronic composition/production, synthesizer programming, sound design techniques, interactive performance systems, digital signal processing, audio programming, alternate controllers, music with integrated visuals, and more.
i dunno about you, but that sounds pretty fucking awesome to me. since i missed the deadline for the application for the spring, i'll have to apply in a few months for the summer/fall semesters.
well that's what's up with this kid. peace out playaaaas.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I also think you look dashing in your fall attire. It's going to be winter soon, and that makes me dreadfully sad. But I know you'll keep my spirits up with your dazzling array of outerwear. You're sleeping and I'm awake...getting ready to head out to a mtg - gotta get my serenity on. Too early to talk like this? Perhaps. I'll probably be back at the house and waking your sleepy ass up before you even get a chance to read this. But know that you were the first thing on my mind upon waking.

    (Oh yeah, and while my affect may not have shown it last night, I'm unbelievably and selfishly grateful that you're back home now. Last week was rough without you. And well, I'm also happy for your sake that you're away from the bigotry and the bullshit. This is your real home. And while that may be really disappointing and sad (as I know it must be), I'm going to do my best to keep you convinced that this is where the love is at. Because you are much loved and appreciated here.)

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